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        Name: YJBYS

          English Name:Sara

          Date of Birth: April 8, 1987Place of Birth: DaLi , YunNan Province Sex: FemaleMarital Status: Single

          Religion: NA

          Nationality: Chinese

          Major: Economical Law

          Permanent Address: Room 23,HongQi Road, DaLi City, YunNan Province,China

          Present Address: Room 314,RuXi Apartment, YanYang Road, NanKai District, TianJin City, China

          Fixed Phone: (022) -xxxx4143Mobile Phone: 187xxxx9999


          Job Objective

          To obtain a position as a legal adviser offering challenge and responsibility in the realm of law.



          Education background

          2010.9 till now Law School, NanKai University ,expected Law Master Degree in Economical Law in 2011.

          2005.9-2009.7 Law School, NanKai University ,Bachelor of Law.

          Academic Core Courses

          Economical LawContract Law

          Company LawProperty Law

          International Economical LawFinancial Law

          Securities LawLaw of negotiable instruments Insurance Law and so on


          Computer Abilities

          Skilled in use of Microsoft Office xp/2003, Windows xp/sp2

          Passed the CCT-2


          English Skills

          Advanced .

          Have a good command of both spoken and written English

          Passsed CET-4/ CET-6



          2008.07—2009.08: It is two months that I had an Hands-on learning in YunLong Basic People's Court in YunNan Province .

          2010.07---2010.08:I had a job as a trainee in DaCheng Law Firm, achieving reputation among colleagues.



          a energetic, adaptable and able man, is cooperative and honest to others.



          reading, swimming, playing badminton, listening to music and so on.





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